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Folding Clothes

We Take

Credit Cards!


Here's why you will want to make our laundry part of your weekly routine. We have tried our best to make it the best there is and these are the things we have to offer.

Fantastic Equipment

Our washers and dryers are all made by Dexter

Laundry Equipment. Why? Because Dexter is the best there is. They are solid as a rock and can handle anything we dish out because we are busy!

Flat Screen TV's

We have two flat screen tv's in different parts of the store that are always tuned to something you'll like. They make the time pass more pleasantly and give you something to do while you wait..

Keiki Play Area

Here's something you won't find in most laundromats, a safe place for your little ones to play and relax so they are not under foot. It is a comfy little corner where they have their own tv that is always playing their favorite movies.

Cool Air Conditioning


We recently doubled our air conditioning capacity to make your laundry more comfortable. You will feel it hit you in the face when you walk in the door because who wants to be hot and sweaty when their washing their clothes.

Our Clean Bathroom

We work very hard to keep the bathroom clean, tidy and freshly stocked. It's not your average bathroom but a state of the art facility with Corian walls, Toto fixtures and a top notch vinyl floor that looks clean and stays clean.

Express Washers
What does 'express' mean? Express is part of our name because our washers spin your clothes at nearly 200G's With a faster spin it means your clothes dry much quicker.
A very quick dry...
Most of the cost of drying your clothes is getting them from wet to damp. Our Express washers wring so much of the water out that they are mostly damp when you take them out. That's why they dry so quickly.


On Site ATM


We have our own ATM for those times when you don't have quite enough cash. It is always available and convenient.

Our Card System

No quarters needed! With our debit card system simply insert cash in our kiosk and get a free card to use at each machine. When you have used up your funds just go back and add more. And, best of all, the kiosk accepts credit cards!

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